December 12 – January 3, 2011
A curatorial project by Tanta Pennington who is using the definition of the term ‘angle of incidence’ as the jumping off point for this exhibition, “in physics, the angle of incidence is defined by the angle at which light or sound approach a surface and the angle of reflection is deemed to be the angle at which the light or sound reflects off the surface”. The participating artists will use sculpture, video and poetry to respond to this concept. Artists: June Higgins, Rhonda Usipiuk, Marie Kajdasz, Jillian Player and Anne Hopkinson.

November 12 – December 6, 2010
A curatorial project by Laura Feeleus (Diploma of Fine Arts 2010). Laura was inspired by the idea that birds are considered an empathic portal that enact behaviours recognizably human. This exhibit showcases the work of four artists from Victoria and the Gulf Islands who portray birds with wit, humour, and a touch of pathos. Artists include: Sheila Norgate, Roy Green, Diane Kremmer and the team of Kimm Nightingale and Joke Mensink.

October 8 – November 8, 2010
This is fourth installment of the wild and eclectic Mailmania exhibition that includes thousands of works from hundreds of countries. Organized by Dale Roberts. In conjunction with this exhibition VISA is please to present a Collage & Film Night on October 20 @ 7:30. Particpants can make collage postcards and watch the film, How to Draw a Bunny about mail-artist extraordinaire, Ray Johnson.

September 17 – October 4.
The Slide Room Gallery is pleased to present the second Faculty Exhibition of the faculty of the Vancouver Island School of Art. The work of the following artists will be on display: Wendy DeGros, Rachel Hellnor, David Gifford, John Luna, Sara Robichaud, d. bradley muir, Tracey Nelson, Tara Nicholson, Xane St Phillip, Jenn Robins, Wendy Welch and Jereon Witvliet.


June 6-June 28, 2010

2010 Diploma of Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition

This exhibition features the work of Maureen Calkins and Laura Feeleus. Both of these artists use ideas surrounding architectural space and biological organisms to inform their work. Maureen Calkins used her life-long experience of working in a hospital and used the ambient sounds, architectural space and invisible bacteria to inform her drawing and paintings. Laura Feeleus explores longing and belonging, and traditions of home and comfort through a sculptural installation.


May 7-28, 2010

Robert Rauschenberg coined the phrase, Pedestrian Colour, to convey his involvement with unconventional art materials and activities related to wandering, watching, collecting and combining. Curator John Luna picks up the trail, observing artists who present unconventional relationships to material and text.

Artists: Sean Alward, Marlene Bouchard, Jonathan Dowdall, Alexander Grewal, June Higgins, Michael Jess, Paul La Farge, Nathan Paine and Wendy Welch.

Essay by John Luna


April 9 – 26, 2010

Graduation Exhibition of the Independent Studio Program students, Irma Argyriou, Kumiko Fujinami and Jillian Player.


March 26 – April 5, 2010
A series of paintings and photographs by Anne Marie McPartlin that question the existence, context, and intent of the subjects they feature. With an emphasis on architecture and discarded items, the work highlights ideas of deterioration, abandonment, and eccentricity. This is work that Anne Marie completed during Independent Studies courses with d bradley muir and Wendy Welch.

Saturday, March 20, 10 am – 4 pm

Victoria, with its legislature buildings lit up like the castle from the opening sequence of the Wonderful World of Disney, provides a perfect backdrop for ideas around fantasy and the unreal. This group exhibition will showcase the work of Victoria-based artists whose work delves into the fantastical and the romantic while alluding to a darker subterfuge. Artists include: Dallas V Duobaitis, Rachel Evans, Caitlin Gallupe, June Higgins, Tyler Hodgins, Selina Jorgensen, Carly Nabess, Camilla and Rosy Pickard, Lyle Schultz and Caleb Speller.
Curated by John Luna and Wendy Welch.
Work includes drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and an illustrated screenplay.
February 19 – March 15, 2010
Curator’s talk   Part 2   Part 3

CALEB SPELLER presents a photographic exhibition that investigates our problematic relationship with nature. Considered a place for both resource and refuge, Catherdral Grove on Vancouver Island will be the site for this exploration. Exhibition will also include a range of paintings, drawings and collages related to the idea of ‘natural’ and ‘disaster’.
Opening reception, Friday, January 15 @ 7:30
Artist talk: Friday, January 15 @ 8 pm
Jaunary 15 – February 15, 2010

for more of Caleb Speller’s work click here

Curatorial project by Jillian Player that explores the idea of cultural representations of landscape. Participating artists: Tyler Hodgins, Sarah Houghton, Rhonda Usipiuk, Jillan Valpy, and Grant Watson.
Opening reception, December 13 @ noon – 4 pm (VISA OPEN HOUSE)
December 13 2009 – January 11, 2010

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